Adding Massage Therapy to a Chiropractic Practice

I got a call from a friend and colleague the other day.  His assistant/office manager said they would like to bring a massage therapist into the office and had wrapped herself into a mental pretzel trying to work her way through a hypothetical situation involving a massage therapist with a W-2 employee arrangement.  They were trying to figure out how to make ends meet, since this therapist would need to perform a minimum of 15 massages a week just for the clinic to break even, without seeing any profit.

This concern deepened when the receptionist mentioned this to a friend (who happened to be a massage therapist) who then said, “oh no, no, no – a therapist can only do about 10 massages a week!”

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First-year learning curve – Part 1

When I first started this blog I promised that it would speak to multiple audiences (including current and prospective chiropractic students, new and seasoned practicing docs, other healthcare practitioners, and the general public), and discuss multiple topics.  While I’ve covered some quite well (and much, much more to come, since this is my safe little anonymous sounding board and semi-soap box), I’ve neglected to pay attention to the other part (not quite half) of this blog’s intended purpose: to document our successes and lessons learned and our progress as we make it.  So here goes.

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