How long/how often should I see a chiropractor?

If you ask ten people, you’ll likely get ten different answers.  It’s easy to be confused.  Some doctors (of chiropractic) quote new patients 12 visits, 36 visits, 80 visits, or maybe they recommend once a week, twice a week, or 3 times a week.  Some insurance companies “cover” (contribute toward) 6 visits, 15 visits, 20 visits.  Medicare says “until the patient reaches maximum improvement”, whatever that is.  Patients figure they’ll go when they need it, i.e. only when they’re in pain.  Other patients swear by a once-a-week or once-a-month maintenance.

They’re all wrong.

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Chiropractic Specialties

In keeping with the multifaceted goal of this blog in that I’d like to engage several different audiences, I figured it’d be a great time to share some information directly with the non-DCs of the board.  Most people outside the chiropractic field don’t realize that DCs also have our own recognized (or soon-to-be) specialties of practice.  While some actual cross-disciplinary fellowships (in which MDs, DOs, and DCs can all co-exist within the same group) exist, these are few and far between and because I don’t know quite enough about them to speak with any certainty, I’ll limit this discussion mainly to chiropractic-specific specialties, known as Diplomates.

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Is Chiropractic a scam?

In a word (okay…two words) absolutely NOT.

Yes, I’m a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) myself.  Do I have a vested interest in promoting chiropractic?  Not exactly, simply because I don’t do spinal adjusting (all of my work revolves around Functional Medicine, a very high-end neuro-metabolic approach to chronic conditions, endocrine issues, blood sugar problems, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, you name it, that relies mostly on scientific lab testing to identify the physiological imbalances and give a starting point in terms of helping improve those issues).  Yes, it’s true: not every DC touches the spine.  No, we’re not being sacrilegious or wasting our chiropractic degree; we’re just choosing to utilize different parts of our education and develop a different skillset.

So anyway…am I biased?  Maybe.  Do I still have a valid opinion?  Yep.

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“Ends in ‘-ubluxation'” and other chiro-vocab adventures

I despise the word “subluxation”.

And this time, I’m not even ducking.

Throw all the stones you want – it still has to be said: we shouldn’t use “subluxation” to describe Chiro-Enemy No. 1 (the ol’ “bone out of place”).

In fact, we really can’t use it and remain legitimate.

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