I’m a self-employed chiropractic doctor in a major American city.  I’ve been to my share of DCs myself, long before entering school.  I’ve been involved with private DC-based discussion groups of all themes, types, and subjects for the better part of a decade.  I’ve been to numerous continuing education classes and seminars.  I’ve heard of all the large franchises, practice management groups, techniques, sales pitches, motives, claims, testimonials, research, trade publications, literary journals, viewpoints, philosophical outlooks, chiro toys, schools, office setups, supplement companies, misconceptions, state and national organizations, various agendas, successful doctors, and practice failures.  I know our default rates, our job satisfaction, our average salaries, our public perception, our marketing strategies, the forces at work behind the scenes, and the different movements within the profession.

To speak freely, I write as anonymously as possible.  There have indeed been death threats within our profession, particularly from some of the extremist factions, and I prefer to spread the informational seed without being put at risk for developing an ulcer.


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