Things To Keep In Mind About Health-Related “Summits”

They came seemingly out of nowhere.  And suddenly, they were all the rage, especially among patients, who wanted to be sure I had watched and listened to every last one of them.  These summits are a double-edged sword – they could be a potential godsend, or a potential serious obstacle.  They can make or break the doctor-patient partnership, and/or a patient’s health.

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Treating Friends and Family 

“Don’t do it,” our school had said, over and over again.  “Don’t treat friends and family.  Refer them out.  Otherwise you’re just asking for trouble.”

I understood the basic message.  It could be summed up as a Boundary Issue.  As in, friends and family members tend not to have any.  Or at least, they’re less likely to consider them (boundaries, I mean).

Family members remember when you were in diapers, mumbling in baby talk.  Friends remember when you wouldn’t share the sky-blue crayon…or perhaps they remember you drunk-dialing your ex.  Either way, the dual relationships can become…awkward.

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