Maximized Living, Round 2 (part 3 of 3)

Day 3 in the Maximized Living world is a group presentation, followed by an individual meeting with the doc.  They review the x-rays with the couple, again going so far as to link a change in curves, joints, or angles, with scary words like long-term disease process.  So a reversed curve is causing disease?  Do they say which disease?  If it’s something structural, they may have a point.  If they’re insinuating anything else, however, that’s too far a stretch.

Now, there’s no written formula here for exactly how many visits each patient should be prescribed, nor how much it should cost, other than the regular new patient package (consult, exam, and x-rays).

So, final words to the wise:

If you’re hard-selling long-term care plans, stop.  Offer the option if you wish, but nothing more.

If you’re using three layers of overcoming objection, stop.  If the patient isn’t ready, they’re not ready.  You can only lead a horse to water.

If you’re talking about God right off the bat, stop.  God is cool and all, but doesn’t belong in healthcare unless you’ve set up shop in a church.

If you’re scaring people with words like “disease” and you can’t back them up with some actual evidence beyond a chiropractic exam and some spinal x-rays, stop.

If you’re still using bone-on-nerve to explain chiropractic to patients, STOP.  Go back and get yourself some updated training…preferably from the current century.

If you’re saying “that’s exactly what I expected”, STOP.  Explain to the patient what they may be feeling and why.  Explanation based on true science is what being a real doctor is all about.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU goes out to the commenter who sent me this!  I can’t name you because I don’t wish any trouble for you, and I can’t technically “approve” the comment for publishing lest either of us catch legal hell, but I do appreciate your passing that on to me.  You know who you are! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Maximized Living, Round 2 (part 3 of 3)”

  1. Thank you for your post I found it very interesting. I recently sustained a lower back injury while working out in the gym and found myself in a ML facility based off of a coworker’s recommendation. I myself am in sales and during my first two visits found the process very sales orientated. I will admit that we were able to confirm that i do have scoliosis(i’ve been told before) and that i may have a minor grade of spondylolisthesis. I was told that my injury is one that can be corrected and along with treating my scoliosis will require 60 sessions. My question- assuming that my injury is a minor case of spondylolisthesis, is this something a normal chiropractor could address? I find the chiropractor at the ML facility nice but i am a bit turned off by the sales process and the subtle yet frequent religious references.

  2. Hi. I am a current ML patient. I also go to the lo al VA hospital to see my primary care Dr. Everything done at ML I make my PC Dr. know. I have xrays and the thermal images taken sent to my PC Dr.
    I believe I have a good and honest ML Dr. As matter of fact, they are about to have their first baby. My ML Dr. is looking forward into starting his child out in all that he believes in health and diet. However, I had a very severe issue with my back because of a car accident. I can see the difference between the xrays and how I feel. Alot of what they teach about I believe. The other stuff I bring to the attention of my PC Dr and we discuss it. They are big about getting off medicine. Expecially Vets. So what I have een doing is getting info on my meds. My VA Dr knows how I feel about pills so only prescribes what is needed.
    I like what you said about the good ML Dr’s. There are some out here, as well as bad Md’s. So I think whatever system or school of though we follow concerning our health care we need to approach it open minded but informed as possible. Not afraid to question or investigate. And that’s with anything today. Thank you for your blog, it helped me settle my mind in the area of ML care.

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