Our experience with Maximized Living – from a student’s perspective

In the last post, I shared a Maximized Living experience from a friend and fellow healthcare practitioner.  (She’s not a DC herself.)  As her story unfolded, she described a franchise with extremist views and outlandish claims.  Apparently, things haven’t changed much…

Here’s our personal story of our own brush with this outfit from years ago:

I remember it pretty vividly.  It was early on during our first term in school, and we had just gotten the bomb dropped on us that we were required to recruit 10 new patients to the school’s clinic.  We were advised to start now, as the recruit requirement has been known to hold people back from graduating – as in, you could have ALL of your other requirements met (even exceeded) but if you had only 9 new recruits, you had to stay–and pay for–another entire term.  This was true even if you managed to swing the new recruit within the first week of the term, as the school does not prorate tuition.

So, being first-term students, insecure, directionless, and freaked out, we felt that we were handed a stroke of luck when, during our observation stint in the student clinic, the intern I was assigned to shadow for the term happened to have all of his recruits accomplished already.  When I asked him how he did it and would he be willing to teach me, he readily agreed and said he “had it all worked out”.  He gave me his school-sanctioned intern business card and said he was part of a group; I assumed it was one of those legit extra-curricular clubs that met over lunch designed to help us develop public speaking skills and good recruiting methods.  I remember writing “12pm Friday, library” on the back, only giving a moment to pause because no other school-sanctioned group met on Fridays.  But, I needed recruits, and this guy had answers.  Alrighty then.

When we showed up for the meeting that Friday, we found it a little puzzling that everyone there was either in our first-term class or in their final year, with no one in between.  And in fact, other than the final-year group leaders, everyone attending was first-term.  I remember receiving a few handouts that resembled lecture outlines, and I remember that the leaders were passionate and committed to certain concepts that I found strange, but relatively agreeable at that time.  They stressed God first, then family, then chiropractic.  Well, aside from the atheist/agnostic population, who wouldn’t agree with that?

The method focused very much on spinal screenings, and anywhere and everywhere you could do them.  One screening event always “sells” the next; future presentations, screenings, and dates are always mentioned at the current event.  Then some guy holding a meeting in the next room burst into ours.  I don’t remember his question, but it had something to do with receiving payment from those attending that next-door meeting.

I slowly started to get the feeling that this was actually a company and not a school club, and that there would be money–potentially lots of it–involved if we wanted to keep going.  I also got the growing suspicion that this was not the direction we wanted to take our chiropractic careers, as this “spinal screening anywhere” mode didn’t do anything but devalue and cheapen what is supposed to be a doctoral profession.  I certainly wasn’t stooping to setting up shop at Walmart and accosting shoppers for a spinal screening they didn’t care about.

Then things got downright strange.

The lead presenter told a story of his conversation with a DC in some town of 100,000 people, who is, by himself, seeing about 2,000 people per week.  The presenter had said, “wow, that’s great!” and the DC said, “no, it’s not!  It’s horrible!  I’m only seeing 2,000 of the 100,000 people in this town, which means that 98,000 people out there are dying!


At the time, I was already a healthcare practitioner (of a different type).  I had seen people day in and day out, who:

  1. Had never been to a DC, never been adjusted in their lives, and yet they were healthy as can be
  2. Go regularly to a DC and were still sickly people
  3. Go to a DC and are also healthy as can be
  4. Had never been to a DC and are sickly

Doing the math in my head, I realized that there was a loose correlation between good health and getting adjusted, but this link wasn’t nearly as cemented or consistent as one might think (or a DC might hope).  The general correlation had enough counterexamples that I definitely couldn’t rely on it to convince people they needed chiropractic care just because.

Yes, there are theories that segmental dysfunction/joint fixation (i.e. subluxation) may contribute to dysfunctions elsewhere in the body.  Yes, there may be something to those theories.  An adjustment can most likely help a wider variety of conditions than currently accepted.  Those of us actually IN practice do see quality-of-life improvement every day; I imagine a lot of the naysayers out there got dogged at some point by one of these chirovangelist groups, or failed in practice (no doubt often due to their “winning” personality or “genius” business skills”).  So I listen to what they have to say, but I take them with a grain of salt.

Whatever the naysayers say about Maximized Living, however, is pretty spot-on.  Sorry, that’s just the reality of it.  It doesn’t take long to stumble upon a forum that in this case, calls a spade a spade: Maximized Living is akin to a scam, and even a cult.  There’s a long and heavy-handed indoctrination process, and there are stories of patients and doctors alike, who mention the first year is great, everything is wonderful, everyone is perfect, and after that things start to falter and the House of Cards blows over.

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  1. I can’t share your view of this organization although I have only seen one of their doctors. I only know that I have experienced firsthand, and have seen in close friends and loved ones, that chiropractic works and alleviates pain that years of PT, drugs and mainstream MD’s could not. What could be so terrible about teaching people how to actually eat correctly for peak performance, how to exercise in a quick and effective manner (so they can’t make excuses), how to manage stress and relationships and how to avoid putting more toxins in their bodies? That’s the message of Maximized Living. Just as there are quacks in the medical profession, religion, education, etc. please don’t let the bad behavior of a few color your view of what these doctors are actually trying to do. Our current health care system is not working – why not a radical approach to sensible practices? Someone needs to tell us what we NEED to hear and not merely what we WANT to hear.

  2. Thank you so much for writing these. I just went through my second visit with a Maximized Living “chiropractor”. I sought them out because I have been battling with migraines and they offered payment plans which was desirable since my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. My visit was word for word what your previous post spoke of. They even went on to tell me that my kids(3 and 1 yrs old) would need care because they were both born ceserean section. I was hesitant at first visit since it seemed less than professional as far as setting and overall appearance. I tried to keep an open mind and followed up with my second visit. Upon arrival of my second visit I noticed “GOD” everywhere. Me being an athiest I felt very uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong I could care a less what people believe or not believe. To each their own, but I definately don’t think my Dr. should be the one to “save” me spiritually. Next I overheard a video talking about how modern vaccination practices are damaging overall health and will soon cause us to have no immunity(In a nutshell). I pretty much was done at that point. Ask anyone who lived through the polio epidemic how amazing vaccines can be. I went through with the adjustment which was honestly the worst I have ever had. I have never been in as much pain after an adjustment and I have seen many chiros over the course of my 32 years. As I paid for that visit they informed me that I had to come back that friday with my husband to discuss my “personal” health plan because he should be involved in the treatment process. Really? I was getting my back worked on not dying from cancer. They said it would be in a group. Really? What part of “personal” health plan do they not understand. So here I am searching for CREDIBLE info on this group and all I have found is validity to my skepticism.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your experience…I am a chiropractor who is routinely embarrassed by my colleagues who utilize this practice growth technique…and make no mistake…this has nothing to do with patient wellness or working in the best interests of the patient this is maximized profits, not maximized living…this is about increasing profit in a chiropractors bottom line…I have no qualms with doctors of chiropractic being successful financially..but that should happen based on growing a solid practice based on practices that benefit the patient first and foremost…that means treatment plans based on their need. Headaches, ? then prescribe some adjustments, neck stabilization exercise, diet changes and exercise. but don’t lie to them and tell them they need 88 visits…no one knows how much care a patient will need just be taking a history. they need to see how the patient responds first…if someone tries to sign you up for some ridiculous amount of treatment on your first visit, turn around and walk out…there are enough good chiros out their willing to provide first rate treatment.

      1. My sentiments exactly! Good to see someone in the field who has their patients’ best interest at heart. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this. Sadly, my sister-in-law works for one of these creeps and I had the misfortune of going into his office. I was 5 months pregnant at the time, and my Rehab Medicine background disagreed pretty strongly with the random screen and manip he wanted to perform. There were likely 25 – 30 people in the waiting room and they were cycled in and out of doorless rooms every few minutes like cattle. Certainly not enough time to perform an adequate reassess to administer treatment.

    Is there any way to check the patients/hour that is allowed by the college or to report this guy?

  4. I have been a patient of a Maximized Living Doctor for a year and have only great things to say. I had been to several Chiros over the years, no one ever did a full accessment on me; no one ever explained how proper alignment of the spine helps my CNS work correctly; no one ever took the time on evenings to educate me with follow up one on one appointments; no onn ever offered me “free” education sessions on excerise, nutrition, toxins, and mental health. I feel cared for wholistically there. My back has never been better, and when I started I was having disabilitating back spasms. My posture is better, my quality of life is better. Yes they have a different style whereby they see more patients than the average clinic but that means they’re helping more people.

    I strongly believe in their approach and that the orginal posts are simply trying to smear something they don’t understand. Chiro’s have done a notortiously horrible job of marketing themselves to the mainstream. Too many people don’t understand the benefits and that lies wholly on their shoulders. Maximized Living is taking a different approach and one that is gaining ground and seeing healthy results for its patients. Other doctors should be taking note and supporting their initiatives.

    Elizabeth Thomson

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I respect your opinion and your experience, and I’m glad that you’re having a good experience with a Maximized Living chiropractor. However, I am also entitled to post about my own experience, which is what I have done. It is not that I don’t understand the benefits – I went through chiropractic med school, obtained my degrees and license, and I’m engaged in active full-time private practice, seeing patients every day. I also went through nearly 3 additional years of diplomate education that focused SOLELY on the central and peripheral nervous system, so in actuality, I most likely understand the neurological benefits of chiropractic better than most chiropractic doctors, and certainly more than the vast majority of Maximized Living-associated doctors, most of whom have never taken a single post-doctoral neuro class.

      My point is that I am making it clear that it’s not that I don’t understand the benefits of chiropractic or its effects on the nervous system; quite the contrary. Rather, I have a problem with a system that appears to use fearmongering tactics to sell extremely long-term care plans to patients, seemingly regardless of their individual needs. My experience is not only my own, as I have heard similar stories (both in person and via correspondence on this blog) from:

      1) other classmates with whom I graduated
      2) practicing colleagues who were once affiliated with ML and no longer are
      3) non-chiropractor healthcare practitioners who were patients of saw ML-based doctors
      4) current patients of ours who were former patients of ML-based doctors
      5) other non-healthcare-related folks who also have experience with ML and its doctors

      Again, I’m very glad that your personal experience does not mirror the negative experiences I’ve encountered. I’m glad you’re getting help through chiropractic and seeing positive results through that doctor. Chiropractic gains increasing acceptance through one happy patient at a time, and one after another. But please refrain from assuming that just because I have unflattering things to say about ML that it is because I am ignorant. Who knows – there is the possibility that your doctor may not even be adhering completely to the Maximized Living system!

  5. I was personally scammed by Maximized living. They take their x-rays in a sitting position for a reason, so that they can tell you your spine is out of alignment and scam you, all this while using God’s name! They are crooks in my opinion. They told me my daughter’s spine was the worst they had ever seen! I got 3 other doctors opinions after that, and they all said her spine was fine and normal. The experience was horrible. We were lied to and threatened, it felt very much like a cult. I will never ever go back, and I am filing a complain with the state medical board.

    1. So… if my maximized living chrio took my x-rays standing up? What does that mean? Wow.. the WORST they had ever seen??! That just seems unprofessional to say!. I completely agree. How were you lied to and threatened???

      1. Wow – no bueno, to say the least. The x-rays standing up – that’s pretty standard – they can be taken standing up or lying down for different reasons – both are OK. But to actually tell a patient that theirs are the “worst they’d ever seen” is indeed highly unprofessional, in my opinion. I would also be sure that the x-rays were also read by a radiologist – DC or MD radiologists are equally fine – but I don’t trust most general practitioners (DC OR MD) to give a final verdict of an x-ray.

        To answer your questions, I wasn’t threatened at all, luckily. I haven’t personally heard of that happening to my friends or colleagues at this time. I also personally wasn’t lied to – never let it get that far. I do know that 2 of our clinic’s patients who had gone to a Maximized Living-based doctor were each given a free exam and x-rays (kind of a reddish flag, if you ask me!) and then despite the very different results and case symptoms, they were each told they needed an 80-visit plan, right out the gate. Now please know that absolutely NO physically-therapeutic practitioner (whether a DC, PT, LMT, or other) is going to know how many visits you’re going to need from the git-go like that. We tend toward 6- to 12-visit plans on the chiropractic side of our clinic, because that’s about how far into the future we can see. Re-evaluate the patient at 6 or 12 visits (or a different interval, depending on their needs and the details of their unique case) and measure the progress, then draw up a new, updated treatment plan if needed, with the appropriate changes made based on their CURRENT needs. The patient’s needs will change as progress is made, and no doctor has a firm idea of how fast or slowly a patient will progress.

        Thus, the 80-visit plan is absurd. Yet, I do hear many first-hand stories from people about being recommended an 80-visit plan from Maximized-Living doctors. (I do know that ML docs aren’t the only ones recommending huge, long treatment plans, though – that’s a bad phenomenon that’s not specific to ML, but it does seem to happen more consistently within the ML-based franchise.)

        In your case, I would definitely get a second opinion! 🙂

  6. I love maximized living and everything they stand for. PS mia, the reason they take Xrays sitting down (and not all of them do, and even non-ML docs take seated xrays) is to not let the pelvis or a long or short leg alter the image of the spine. For example, if your right leg was 9mm shorter then your left leg and you took a standing xray that would alter the xray of the spine. When your seated that takes out any other variables. Lets all think for a minute if the country followed a maximized living health care model. Everyone would eat clean pesticide free, herbicide free, fungicide free, larvacide free fruits and vegetables with more nutrition OK thats good, everyone would get there nervous system check which controls all other systems of the body, OK that’s good, everyone would exercise correctly and efficiently OK thats good, Everyone would lead a more positive mind set and we all know the brain is a very powerful tool, OK thats good and we would all minimized the toxins we put in our bodies which also help lead toward sickness and disease OK thats good. This is HEALTH CARE, preventing something before it happens. Our country doesn’t have a health care system. Think about it, insurance doesnt pay for you to be healthy, our country has a sick crisis care system. Don’t get me wrong if you get in a car accident you want to be in this country because we will be able to sew you back together in no time to save your life!! Im not speaking bad about medical doctors they are great and are very important, But in the terms of actual HEALTHCARE they do not provide it, all they can do is offer you drugs, and if that doesnt work offer you more drugs and if that doesn’t work surgery. Not doing anything about your health and waiting for something to happen is crazy to me. Believe me if everyone was under the care from these AMAZING doctors our country would NOT be ranked last in almost all catagories of health. And if medicine is the cure to every thing we should be the healthiest country right? We make up 5% of the worlds population and consume roughly 70% of the worlds drugs, that being the case we should be the healthiest, but we are not. Our current way of thinking isnt working and there has to be a change.

    I love you all
    God bless

    1. Jordan, AMEN and AMEN! I have been a ML patient and strong advocate for six months! I had chronic cluster headaches and all the traditional docs had me take one Rx after another including Imitrex which gave me hallucinations. After two adjustments, I was pain free and not taking ANY more pain meds…My family is also going (hubby and 7 yr old daughter) My hubby now has no more foo pain and my daughter no longer needs to take Miralax daily to regulate her BM’s. Combined we have lost over 33#, and we have never felt better!

      Happily — A ML4Life mom!

  7. We have had amazing results with our doctor. I’m not sure folks should focus on finding a Maximized Living doctor as much as finding a doctor you can trust. We didn’t choose our doctor because he was with Maximized Living we choose him because his recommendations were paralell to our beliefs. We already knew our health would be compromised unless we made lifestyle changes. He just confirmed it and took it many steps further and offered information that was helpful to fulfill those needs. Sounds to me like those folks unhappy with the “Maximized Living Doctors” simply have bad doctors. Find another one who has the same goals you have to accomplish your overall health. We were looking for permanent lifestyle solutions to our health problems, alot of those solutions came from our “Maximized Living” doc. and we thank him for that..

    1. > I’m not sure folks should focus on finding a Maximized Living doctor as much as finding a doctor you can trust.

      Exactly. ML or not, trust is the biggest factor. My issue with ML came from the fact that I didn’t trust them. But I’m really happy when people find a DC they can trust, whether they’re aligned with ML or not. A positive chiropractic experience benefits not only the patient, but the whole field of chiropractic and present and future chiropractic patients as well.

  8. I am a new patient of a Maximized Living Doctor……I have had three appointments and absolutely LOVE my experience so far. I am so thankful that I have found this new approach to chiropractic care…..I have seen Chiropractors for all of my adult life. Every other chiropractor treated my acute pain….they have all told me the same thing……that my spine at my neck had no curve…….no one ever offered any indication that this could be corrected……I just thought that it was unlucky and had to deal with it. My Maximized Living Doctor showed me a treatment plan that will restore the curve to my spine ….why has no other Chiropractor ever told me that this was a possibility??
    After a car accident almost two years ago, I have had horrible pain……I saw two different Chiropractors ( for MANY months ) and could not get relief from the pain…….the care that I have received from my Maximized Living Doctor is totally different from the care at the other two doctor’s offices that I saw previously……it all makes sense……and the adjustments that I received were INCREDIBLE…….I saw a few videos that came up when I googled this subject and they did seem “creepy” to me…..my experience has been NOTHING like the videos that I saw today on the internet when I googled Maximized Living……my office is VERY professional and focused on WELLNESS…….it is a GREAT approach and I agree with the previous posts, it is a much better approach than the Chiropractics that I have used in the past…..if you chose to practice traditional chiropractics, then that is great…..but I have never been “cured” by that type of treatment…….the pain has temporarily been helped….but it always come back unless you continue to be seen on a regular basis. With this approach, I hope to correct the alignment of my spine and live a healthy life. You obviously wish to tarnish the name of this organization and I question your motives……..there are obviously a tremendous amount of people that this care has helped……I am a nurse and everything that they are teaching goes along with what I know to be true as a nurse. I strongly recommend this approach to wellness and have already referred several people to my doctor. My children will be going in next week and I am confident that they will get relief from the headaches that have plagued them since the car accident…….you can say whatever you choose to say……..but there is too much proof that these people are helping people live longer and healthier lives…….

  9. I don’t see anything that radical about your experience. Okay, so they’re very, very passionate about their work, and may use a little hyperbole. They want more customers. Who doesn’t? I went to a Maximized Living clinic and I’ve gotten better care there than any other chiropractics I’ve been to. They were very friendly and went out of their way to provide me with more information, even though I didn’t live in the same city and wasn’t going to be a return customer. Sure, I think they try really hard to get people to keep seeing them. But who doesn’t? They might not do things the way most chiropractics would-but who’s to say that’s a bad thing? They’re thorough. Calling this a cult is definitely a stretch.

  10. Besides that, I was constantly having neck pain and back pain, headaches, dizziness, nausea, appetite out of whack, and immune problems. My neck was always going out and I’d go to the chiropractic and explain I had a headache, he just told me, oh, well, you’re probably just tense. He’d crack my neck and send me on my way and the very next day my neck would go out again. I got lots of massages, but nothing ever helped. And they never explained what I needed to do to get it to stay in place. I went to Maximized Living and they got me x-rays and found I have scoliosis and all my bones are goofed up. Then they gave me exercises to strengthen my neck muscles. I think that’s the most important thing I learned from them, because they’re actually helping you to stop needing neck adjustments, not just adjusting you and letting you go on your way. They also explained on their nerve scan results what parts of my neck were out and how it was affecting me, which correlated exactly to the symptoms I was feeling. Nobody ever noticed that before, but when I went back to my old chiropractic and told him, he said oh yeah I guess you do have scoliosis…

  11. I just think that there are different places for different problems. Sure, most people who go to the chiropractor probably only need one adjustment and they’re fine again. But some people really do have a recurring problem and need to take frequent visits and get extra care, and get to the bottom of what they’re doing wrong that is causing their back to keep going out. That is something that most chiropractors don’t really address-they just crack your neck and you’re done. And that’s not bad, there are some people that that really is all they need. If you need a quick cheap adjustment, that’s where you should go. But if that’s not doing it for you, you need something more than just a temporary fix. And I think that’s where the folks at Maximized Living come in. Yes, they will try to sell you a bunch of equipment for realigning your back-they will pressure you into coming back on a regular basis and attending their workshops-and they will tell you you need to change your lifestyle. And that might scare somebody off that really does just need an adjustment, because they don’t need all that stuff. But for somebody that has been to lots of chiropractics, doctors, and massage therapists and hasn’t found a solution to their problem? This could be the answer. Not to say that other chiropractors don’t do any of this, but none that I have been to have been that thorough. I don’t believe that Maximized Living is a scam or a cult. It’s just a different kind of chiropractic care that some people really do need.

  12. I have suffered from migraines for almost 30 years now. I had 3 friends that mentioned the same doctor to me on several occasions. Upon their referring me to him for treatment I can honestly say that chiropratics has been the only thing to help alleviate my pain. After 4 years, I am not completely migraine free as I suffer from menstrual migraines which are hormonally triggered but they are not as severe or last as long as they used to. I could easily be down for 3-5 days and laid up home in bed vomiting and sensitive to light, odors. At 46 years old, I am never sick and rarely get colds as it has boosted my immune system. I appreciate all of the knowledge about toxins and proper diet/nutrition that I have gained from Maximized Living as well. There is good and bad in every aspect of life. If you find a ML doctor that can truly help you, stick with him or her. Most other chiropractors don’t even take X-rays and follow up to see if your health is improving or not.

  13. What I find interesting is that anyone who ever has something negative to say about Maximized Living only ever comments on the BIG SCAM! oooooooo! Sorry people, but you live your life being scammed left and right!!! How about those big insurance companies? Oh yeah, thank god for the that $250/month insurance plan because now you only have to pay a $2500 deductible before you start seeing any benefits. But shoot! You finally hit the $2500, but it’s December, so you have to start all over again in January. Where is all that well-spent money going? It’s going to the man sitting at his desk from 9:00 – 5:00, strategizing how he can tactfully deny his ‘big spending’ sick customers and pushing a paper with a lot of fine print, asking you to “sign here.” THAT is a scam. Give my money to a doctor who wants to take care of my health, straighten my spine PERMANENTLY, and educate me about all the health dangers we face in our society so that I may live a longer, healthier life any day!

    If you believe in chiropractic and if you care so much about your health that you can spend thousands of dollars each year on reactionary measures to defend your health, why can’t you understand paying for a plan that proactively defends your health? That’s what Maximized Life is all about. People don’t understand it because its unconventional. Well how is conventional working out for us? I think we all know there needs to be changes to our system. Reactionary measures towards health are not working!!! You can go to a doctor to get drugs, but drugs aren’t fixing your problems! We live in the 21st century, we’ve made leaps and bounds in scientific discoveries, pharmaceutical industries are thriving, but hahey cancer causes 1/4 of all deaths in the US per year, and it’s only getting worse. Thanks healthcare.

    The reason why ML chiropractors are able to see many patients very quickly is because they know their patients personally. After initial consultations, they don’t need to sit down with their patients for half an hour each time to find out what their symptoms are and where they need to be adjusted…they already know! They adjust similarly each time because they are not simply relief chiropractors. They are actually CHANGING the structure of their patient’s spine over time so that they can be symptom-free for the rest of their lives, rather than simply coming in for an adjustment whenever their symptoms reappear. The problem is we Americans are impatient. We want to get better and we want it now! Well the world wasn’t designed like that. It takes time to get healthy, which is why patients need to go for weeks and weeks.

    And as far as the scare tactics are concerned… someone said earlier that chiropractors haven’t done a good job ‘marketing’ themselves, educating the public on how truly important chiropractic is. Sometimes people don’t know what’s best for them and a little ‘scaring’ — letting them know the risks of not undergoing care and passionately explaining how they can really benefit from this type of care — is the only way to make people realize it’s in their interest as well.

    The 1000 Maximized Living chiropractors have treated over 1,000,000 patients in 4 years. There’s no way that’s done on scare tactics and money grubbing. The truth comes out sonner or later. This stuff WORKS!

  14. The sad part for me, is that ML discredits the profession, not unlike how kooky extremists discredit my faith. There is a lot of good information with ML. But I have been a client of a chiropractor who adopted it a few years after he started treating me. I’ve watched the practice go from being very personal and warm, to having clients seated in rows of chairs, watching Maximized Living Videos while they wait for their names to appear on a screen. Last year, I told him I didn’t want to come in every two weeks anymore (actually, I told the receptionist, and I knew she told him because he was visibly upset when he adjusted me) I stuck it out for another year, but now, despite the fact that I missed appointments on “the plan” and I still have a credit, I just haven’t gone back. I feel uncomfortable with the systematic, emotionally manipulative nature of Maximized Living (one chiro involved told my dad’s wife that if my father didn’t want to come to an after-hours intro meeting with her, he must not love her) I need to end the relationship properly and find a new DC in my area that is not involved with the program. It’s made me quite upset in the end. I think what made this decision most clear was when my mom’s husband, a DC who unfortunately doesn’t live in my city, asked why I was still seeing my DC every two weeks…was I in pain? Did I have a chronic problem? Unless there is a specific problem, I think once a month would suit me a lot better. Just saying. Fortunately because my mom’s husband is a DC, I know there are great people in the profession. Unfortunately, Maximized Living has made it difficult for me to trust another one…I hope I can find a great practice where I’ll feel more empowered as a patient and get terrific care without feeling like I need to drink the koolaid to get along with everyone.

  15. And for the record, I know ML has a lot of terrific info, and there is good education to be had. But there is an element to the ‘business’ of it that makes me sick. (pun intended)

  16. Whoa is right, but definitely in response to your irresponsible portrayal of this “house of cards” called Maximized Living, not about people dying who don’t get care. Because the truth is, people ARE dying. America is not a healthy nation. Compared to other nations that we can be compared to from a financial standpoint, we’re downright embarrassing (oh, and SICK). We eat junk food that other countries don’t even allow, drive our cars everywhere and don’t exercise, think a pill will cure everything (and fork over big bucks to Big Pharma), have a high infant mortality rate… shall I go on? We’re in a CRISIS. We ARE dying! Stats are stats, this isn’t just an opinion here.

    Enter Maximized Living. What do they want to do? They want to change the healthcare model for the entire world. They want to shift the mentality that’s been INDOCTRINATED by the current medical model. They want to destroy the notion that pills and surgery will save you, because, oh yeah… THAT’S NOT WORKING. Hmm, well that should be easy to do…

    Oh wait, not it’s not! It’s like David and Goliath except instead of holding a slingshot, David’s hands are tied behind his back. So YES they’ve had to become amazing at marketing and sales. And YES it costs money to have your spine aligned- but like many people have argued (very well above), it’s definitely less costly than your friendly pharmaceutical or surgical alternatives. Because, let’s be real- Americans especially want the quick fix. Sidenote, it takes time to correct spines. But most chiropractors have never seen what can ACTUALLY be accomplished. They don’t do pre and post treatment xrays so they can watch a reversed cervical curve (like mine) become normal (oooh, mine again!).

    I get mad when I read these smears of ML. I get mad because it’s ignorant. If you can’t filter the God stuff, well then sorry. If you can’t see that they’re using emotion to get people to act, sorry again. But the current healthcare model we have now is like a house on fire, a house filled with people. At least ML is screaming at those people to get out of that burning house! Call them crazy for it if you want to. It’s about individuals but these people also see the big picture. The future. Without groups like ML trying to do something about our current situation, I’d say that future is pretty grim.

    The thing that grossed me out the most about the above post is the last sentence. Talk about dramatic garbage. House of cards caving in? Everything’s fine and great the first year and falls apart? Says who.. because my last re-exam xray sure showed I’m holding that correction! You have this long winded story that’s wrapped up with a totally unsupported statement like that??? That’s just poorly structured writing (oh, and an ignorant, careless statement).

    The thing is, you can’t tell me you have a delivery system of complete healthcare that works, that calls people to action to take control of their bodies and minds, that literally changes the course of people’s lives for the better… tell me how it’s done better than ML. I bet you can’t.

    1. Please understand that the Maximized Living “smear” is simply an account of two personal experiences. One is that as told to us by an acquaintance and the other is a personal experience we had firsthand as chiropractic students. It’s not ignorance; it’s experience.

      Yes, people are dying. Dying happens to everyone, everywhere, with or without chiropractic care, and with or without ML. Death is a part of life. Do you really think that ML itself saves lives? Please tell me one factual story about someone whose life has actually been saved by the ML model.

      I’m not here to discredit chiropractic. In fact, I’m a firm believer in chiropractic. We practice it. And we do just fine for all of our patients, without utilizing an ounce of the ML system.

      Another question I have for you is, you mentioned ML “smear campaigns” as plural, meaning that my particular posts are not the only ones you’ve seen. This means that we are not alone in our poor ML experiences. This means that there are more stories out there like ours. If ML is so great, why do you think there are so many of us out there talking about our experiences? (Please note that I do not pay attention to those who smear something without having had experience with it, nor do I give the time of day to people who slam chiropractic as quackery, because my experience with chiropractic tells me it’s NOT quackery. So those blanket naysayers hold no water with me.)

      In response to your last paragraph, we DO have a system of healthcare that works. It is not complete, and anyone claiming that their system IS complete is dead wrong. I am not prepared to splint bone fractures or stabilize a heart attack in progress or any other such emergency. There also comes a point when a chronic degenerative condition becomes too far advanced for any branch of medicine to save them. But our particular clinic takes care of just about everything else. We DO demand that patients take action to care for their own bodies. We do demand lifestyle changes. We do present a wide variety of options (chiropractic, nutrition, supplements, diagnostic labs, rehab, massage therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and even pharmaceutical intervention when called for) and present our recommendations to the patient. In that regard, we are extremely comprehensive. And yes, it IS done better than ML. Our patients tell us as much, and you can’t get any better than that.

  17. I had my second visit today. While I thought everyone was extremely kind, it is a total scam. Beneath their projection of care and concern lies an insatiable need to win more clients. Since when did being a patient become being a marketing tool? I felt like I was being hard-closed from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. What pissed me off was their insistence on my wife’s presence for the x-rays. They basically told me my issues were fixable, but wanted my wife there because it was so severe. Listen: I believe in the discipline, but don’t lie to me and use me to persuade my family to jump on the bandwagon. If what you do is so great, it will speak for itself.

  18. I decided to google ML scam because I just finished my second visit and was concerned that my “scam radar” was bothering me. I would like to add my perspective as a person who sought out help with nutrition and holistic medical practices. I have been on a waiting list for a MD who practices holistic medicine to help my deal with some problems my regular MD won’t address. I’ve been reading about alternatives for a few years now, have gone gluten free, and am working towards a naturally healthy lifestyle. I was talked into attending a workshop about nutrition and ended up signing up for an initial visit because I was interested in having someone guide me through these lifestyle changes. So I was a willing participant. However, my first visit was just before 5:00, and I was asked to pay the $20 “reduced fee” first, although I have chiro coverage on my insurance with a $15 co-pay because the insurance companies were closed and they wouldn’t be able to verify coverage. Okay. Then I was told I needed the x-rays, for which there was a $50 fee, also had to pay upfront despite coverage for the same reason. Now I thought the xrays were covered by the initial visit (as they were with my original chiro), but okay. I’m told that whatever the insurance pays for will be credited back to my account for future visits. I’m not liking that, but that will cover 3 1/2 co-pays, so it’s livable. Second visit is at 8:30 am the next day. Oops, insurance still isn’t open (hmm, couldn’t they check during my 1 hour visit while I was watching the video, exercising, talking to the doc, getting my adjustment?). Pay up another $50, and whatever the insurance pays will be credited to your account. Now I’m out $120 when I know my copays should be just $30 for the two visits. What if I don’t want to go back that many times? I’m also not liking the informational tour on the first visit, watching a promo video on the second, and I’m seriously wondering about that nerve scan and if it’s real. Now let’s remember, I WANTED someone to help me, I’m open to alternative medicine, and I go to chiropractors. However, I just don’t like this marketing technique. I don’t want an office credit, I want to pay my copay when I’m there. I can’t afford all this out of pocket money. Then they tell me to come back next week, with spouse (yeah, now I know they want his money too), get my adjustment first and then do this group session and they’ll tell me what my insurance will pay and all about their plan. Well are they going to charge me extra for that meeting? I’m not getting any financial info upfront, and I don’t like that. My insurance will pay for adjustments, but not things billed as nutrition or coaching or anything. And are they going to insist I come 3x a week and use up all that credit within 2 weeks? Because I can’t afford that. So now I’m getting worried and decide to google it to see what I’m getting into. So for those of you defending ML and accusing detractors of buying into traditional medicine bull, I’m going to have to disagree with you. The problem isn’t that their adjustments are a scam. The problem isn’t that their nutritional beliefs are a scam (perhaps, I don’t know yet). The problem is their marketing tactics are conducted like a scam artist. If they truly believe what they are teaching, then they shouldn’t have to trick me into giving them money. I would have happily gone once a week for a year if I felt I was getting the nutritional support I needed, encouragement to maintain healthy living, and decent adjustments. But because of their marketing ploy and how they are taking my money upfront with promises of crediting what I overpaid, now I don’t trust them and I totally want to get out of this. My problem is that it’s so hard for me to say “no” and salesmen trample me like a doormat. So I’m just hoping I can find a way out and get my overpayments back!

    1. I ABSOLUTELY agree with this. My ML chiro doc is totally like this- up front, reasonable monthly fee, looked into my insurance immediately (unfortunately we have ZERO coverage from them) and I never felt pressure. There is NO reason for them to trick you if they believe in what they are teaching. I totally agree. I think it SUCKS that this exsists and detours people from working with legit doctors who want to help heal you in a natural way 😦 There is NO reason you can’t say no when you’re just not feeling it.

  19. My biggest issue was that the ML doc was not at all concerned with radiation exposure. The second biggest thing was that he claimed he could cure everything from MS, autism, stage 4 cancers, ect. I, being a former x-ray tech and now an MRI tech, am well aware of radiation exposure during spinal x-rays as well as the use of shielding. I don’t mind the fact that he wanted the x-rays – great; let’s see what my spine looked like. BUT, when I requested a shield for myself and my 5 year old daughter I was denied. He claimed it was minimal exposure that that it didn’t matter. First of all – It DOES matter. As a student and practicing x-ray tech we were taught, you keep radiation exposure to As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). This means that you don’t take more pictures than you have to (know what you’re doing so you don’t repeat), and SHIELD your patient, ALWAYS shield your patient. Your reproductive organs are among the most sensitive to radiation exposure. When I confronted this ML doctor about it – he said, I am a doctor, I know all about this, its fine, you don’t need a shield. Really? Because, I learned and constantly hear to limit radiation exposure? So, what did I do? I brought a shield in from work and shielded myself and my daughter. I know believe I understand his thought process…He could cure anything, like cancer, so radiation to the body wasn’t going to be a problem. He was going to fix the whole nervous system so that would take care of any radiation absorbed in the body. Right? I also don’t believe that chiropractic cure is a heal all. I do believe and have experienced relief from Chiropractors in the past. I will continue to go, but not to ML doctor. I know what I should eat; I do eat right with allowing myself my pop and treats. I exercise 4-5 a week running and doing insanity/ Jillian Michaels workouts. I don’t need someone to tell me not to trust other “organic” vitamins that only theirs are truly organic. I don’t need someone to tell me that insurance won’t cover my care because they can’t justify 4 visits a week for four months. Another thing that really angered me when I saw the ML doctor was that he didn’t listen to my concerns about manual spinal manipulation. Small arteries run in my family. My mom’s were her carotids, mine is my right internal carotid artery. We have been told that we are NOT to have manual spinal manipulation of our cervical spines. All other chiropractors we have seen agree. It’s too dangerous. So instead they use another device to adjust my cervical spine. Relief was achieved. Not to mention, I work in MRI and have seen dissected vertebral arteries on patients that have come in due to stroke like symptoms following chiropractic adjustment. {DISCLAIMER – I am in no way saying that Chiropractors should not be trusted or that they do this on purpose! I am purely saying, it can happen, I have seen it and I do not want it done to myself or my family. You do whatever it is you want that makes you feel comfortable. } I explained my position to the ML physician, he said okay okay okay. My technique would be totally safe, I have learned to do it differently. I repeated that manual manipulation of the cervical spine was not something I was comfortable with or would allow. He said okay. He adjusted my daughter’s thoracic spine, had her sit up at the edge of the table and RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, manually manipulated her cervical spine. We left immediately and did not go back, nor will I. He clearly was not concerned about any safety issue I had. I took my child’s health as well as my own into my hands and we left that place as fast as we could. A co-worker of mine who used to work for this same ML physician has told me a lot about the behind the scenes of this practice. Here is some of what she told me: One patient who could not afford the health plan he was handed told them he would have to find somewhere else to go because it was to expensive for him, my co-worker heard the receptionist tell him that if he wanted to leave and die, that was his choice. She also told me about a camp that the doctor had sent his receptionist on and wanted her to go to as well, she refused to go. It was a camp that broke you down as a person and then built you back up under their beliefs and wings. She didn’t give full details about what the receptionist had gone through but she said after hearing what happened to her she made up her mind to refuse going. She said, “ I like myself they way I am.” I could go on with more stories, but its all the same. She also agrees with me, Chiropractic care has done given her good results but with what we call “normal” chiropractors. When we discuss the ML doc, we don’t do it by name; we call it “the crazy place”. While that tag on them may not be what others agree with, it’s our opinion. We felt as though we were being scammed, brainwashed and shammed if we didn’t agree with their ways. Not something I can or ever will be comfortable with. I should also mention, we were referred by a friend to this doc. I do not push my views on her about him nor do I talk to her about my bad experiences because I respect her opinion. She loves it there. (I should mention, he said he’d cure her sons ear infections…he still gets them).

    1. I am actually replying to mary jankes comment…I was saddened to hear of your experience at a max living chiro…as a DC myself, I find myself constantly apologizing to people about their experience at this clinics.. look for a DC in your area that doesn’t ask patients to sign a contract and only treat for a reasonable amount of visits and reassess…..as for your contention about a link between chiropractic neck adjustment and stroke, that one has been put to bed recently by none other than one of the more prestigious medical journals in the last few years which determined that patients attending a chiropractic clinic for neck pain and receiving treatment and those attending a medical doctor for the same symptoms had virtually identical outcomes as It pertains to stroke risk. In other words and to speak plainly, patients who were about to have a stroke were going to have one in spite of whether they received medical care or chiropractic care..

  20. It’s strange– I went in and paid for my x-rays.. went over them with the doctor (one on one) and then he did a group presentation of what he does– he didn’t use the words maximized living once. The only reason I looked this up was because there was a dvd playing of some testimonials and he is listed as a maximized living doctor. I’m an atheist and while he believes that God made our bodies to heal themselves, I think our bodies evolved and can heal themselves *shrugs*. We pay a reasonable fee monthly for myself, husband and baby daughter and we’ve seen really amazing results. I never felt any pressure or weirdness although it does seem strange to see community kind of care when most dr.’s offices are quiet and slow. He makes NO money off of me eating well (he doesn’t get kick backs from Whole Foods) & offers free monthly grocery shopping lessons, NO money off of me minimizing toxins, NO money off of me staying active.. I mean, if you’re concerned about things being a scam, I’d take a good hard look at how most physicians get paid.. I don’t know. It’s important for me to understand every side of these decisions but it seems like there are some really shitty, creepy practices out there done in the name of God. You’ve just gotta find one that doesn’t pressure you like that? They DO exist and I guess I’m lucky to enough to be going to one?

    1. Michelle, THIS is the same experience I am having with my ML DC. He’s a bit too perky for my tastes but I hope to have his energy someday. I’m a Christian but hate it when people name drop “God” in business. My ML DC hasn’t done that once. If he did, I’d quit my visits and tell him why. I couldn’t be happier with my visits or the treatment plan.

  21. All doctors run businesses. Maximized Living is no different. Yes, I was skeptical when I first attended. Yes, they use a hard sell and if you’re conflict-avoidant this may bother you. Yeah, they make you pay for a treatment package in advance, which is actually a big benefit because it has kept me adhering to the regimen (they offer refunds for the unused portion if you stop treatment). Yes, the “doctor” makes some outrageous claims. However, she has delivered on ABSOLUTELY everything she promised so far. ML has done for me what years of physical therapy and hundreds of thousands of dollars in doctor visits and medications could not. I now get out of bed each morning and I can walk around instead of hobbling. I’m off almost all my medications. I had chronic stomach pain for my entire life, and the medical establishment called me a liar and that there was no physical cause for my pain. After adjustments and cutting wheat/grains out of my diet, I am pain-free. Maximized Living works.

    1. Definitely not saying their advice doesn’t work – their philosophies in terms of healthcare and prevention are fairly sound. However, as I’ve stated (many times), it’s the sales tactics they teach their doctors that I have a problem with.

  22. It is so sad that so much time is spent arguing back and forth about the good, the bad and the ugly. The truth is, that chiropractic care is beneficial to all; everyone’s spinal alignment changes over time, largely because we don’t take the time to utilze things like, proper body mechanics when lifting objects or when we’re young , thiking we are invincible, that what we do, or did to our bodies won’t come back to haunt us later in life. GUESS WHAT, it does. What it all comes down to is finding what you are comfortable with. The fact is, we are not in the habit of preventative care in this country and we should be.
    Any time in history, when some ” radical”, NEW IDEA/approach to any given situation is first introduced, there is much scepticism . Funny thing is, that often times, those same ideas turn out to be a good thing.
    There will always be Horror stories, regardless of which style of care you choose. Remember that inevitably, you are in the drivers seat when it comes to the care you receive, if certain things don’t sit well with you, talk to your doc first of all; if that does not bring resolution, find a new doc.
    I have also been to several DC and responded better to some than others due , in part , to their techniques. No matter how you are taught things, you develope your own stylized version.
    If you think about proactive care vs reactive care, it seems to me, to take a proactive approach makes more sense. Why wait to get sick or get a disease like cancer, if there is a way to actively minimize the risk.
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d rather spend my time and money on preventive care rather than having to shell out, exponentially more on trying to fix things once they have occurred. We do that for our homes and vehicles but not ourselves so that they will perfom at maximum efficiency ;How BACKWARD IS THAT? INANIMAT objects are more important than caring for ourselves.
    Its almost comical. I work in animal health care and we are more advanced than that with our animal /patient care. We teach preventative care vs reactive care. Not all clients agree because of various reasons, but we do educate them so that they make more informed decisions.
    That’s what I feel ML docs are trying to do as well.
    The choices we make regarding our health are only as good as the information we have to make those decisions with. If you want to continue to be reactive , rather than proactive, that’s fine but don’t judge others for trying to show the world that there is a way that both, makes sense and in the long run, is cheaper. I prefer to invest in my health . ML IS, that RADICAL NEW IDEA I MENTIONED EARLIER; @least in my opinion ,and like many other radical ideas, I hope will, someday, be mainstream. As with any new approaches to things there are always kinks that need to be worked out, but the principal , the idea itself is correct. I feel the overall approach is good, but there are some zealots, that may in fact take things to extremes. That happens in virtually any industry. Thats where good common sense comes into play.
    I learned a long time ago, to take what others have to say, in any given situation, with a grain of salt and to make my own decisions based on what I see for myself. A rush to judgment solely on someone else’s opinion can and has, at times, been very costly. So, PLEASE, weigh your words carefully when sharing your opinion with others because thats exactly what it is, AN OPINION.
    In the end we must each decide for ourselves and assume responsibility for the choices we then make, right or wrong;because, in truth, No one held a proverbial gun to your head and made you make the choices you made.

  23. I am a former ML patient. I went into one with excitement and energy. I am a hemiplegic migraine sufferer and I have interstitial cystitis. I went in with a friend who has her entire family seen by this doctor. I sat through a class first before signing up for adjustments. Most of what was taught I had heard from my PCM, GYN, and PT. I thought it was decent and worth the shot to test it out. I came in for x-rays, and then was told to come back the next morning for an adjustment, and then the following tuesday for a class. They said my husband HAD to be at that one or I could not be seen. I thought, “Ok, I can try.” My husband was being seen by a different D.C., but I felt comfortable at first with this one, so he was ok with me coming. He attended the meeting with me. First I was told they cured stage 4 cancer. At this point I was like “Um…Ok.” My husband was doubtful the entire time. When we did the reading of my x-rays you would have thought I was dieing. My husband was on a plan at his chiropractor’s office for the same amount of visits the ML doc wanted me on, so that he was ok with. What he was not ok with was the fact that it was 2x the cost. When we asked why we were told it was because they could not take anymore patients on our insurance. Both of us actually believe it (yes, that we are to blame for). By this time we are no longer in a private room discussing money, but instead we are in the lobby again. When asked to agree to $1,XXX PUBLICLY of course we said yes because we felt obligated.

    I continued to go and use up most of my prepaid plan. Along the way though I began to feel scammed, pressured, and outright mistreated. The first time this happened was when my husband was with me for an adjustment. The doc knew that he saw another chiropractor, but insisted on having my husband come in for a reevaluation just so that we could all be in one location. Seemed minor at first, but then he went on to claim that the other doctor was killing my husband……WAIT WHAT….yeah. The next occurrence was when I had taken Excedrin Migraine over a weekend because I was unable to get rid of my migraine naturally through yoga and the exercises I had been given. When I was asked at my next appointment if I had taken medication recently and I answered yes, I was pretty much told I was an accessory to murder of babies. I was told that medical companies like Excedrin were making money off of the purposeful abuse of their companies and murdering of young infants, and that by taking their meds I was seeing that as ok. This broke me into tears as I am the mom of a still born child. I was horrified at what I was told. As I was progressing through my care I did see a change in my migraines and my IC. I do swear by adjustments for migraine and IC treatments. They have helped me. My husband and I decided to give chiropractic care a shot for my son who has horrible back pain. He is 6 years old. We decided to have my husband take him over to his chiro because it was covered by insurance, and we didn’t want to be on a plan. When my chiropractor figured this out by something my son said at an appointment I never heard the end of it. It was day in and day out of asking when I was going to stop killing my son. Next thing that peeved me and was the final blow for me was when I told him I was debating on moving chiropractors because of money issues (I was nearing the end of my prepaid plan and I had lost my job, so our income was reduced drastically). He said as loud as ever that he never saw me as fully into his practice, and that the reason I was not getting better was because I did not believe in the Lord’s work. He kept going on that I was not going to get healthy anywhere else, and that I am brainwashed by the mainstream doctors, etc. He then went on to discuss my son’s health conditions (that a friend had shared with him w/o permission) publicly infront of a lobby full of people. When I was doing the post adjustment exercises I could hear him talking about my son and my health issues. I was done. When I informed him at my next appointment when my time was up with him I was moving I got a very hard adjustment. I could not move for a week without crying. I never went back, and I never finished my plan.

    I now see a very amazing chiropractor who has been in business here for a very long time. He has gone above and beyond for my family. He helps in so many ways, and is very understanding if we need to slow down appointments for money issues. He is a full service chiro that has pared with an MD to provide an alternative option to the normal health care. We get both my PT and my chiropractic done all in one place and one visit. It is amazing. I am appreciative for the introduction to chiropractic and how it would help my chronic pain, but I am not appreciative of being told I’m a baby killer and I’m killing my son. To this day when I see people say “Dr. ## can fix your problem with chiropractic care and you will be cured in weeks” I want to scream “RUN WHILE YOU CAN. If you upset him you will never hear the end of it.”

  24. Although your article is interesting, I disagree with your conclusion. My daughter was in bed for 4 weeks in constant pain. I took her to this clinic, and after the first treatment she was up and walking around, since the third treatment now she does nothing but improve. We tried back surgeons and other chiropractors and they couldn’t help her. I have a fitness background of 23 years and for us this information works. She does exercises they have given her quite a few exercises to perform daily twice a day, we’re on a steady schedule for 6 weeks and she feels better all the time and her condition is improving. So there are success stories, and we are one of them.

    1. There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence to support the use of Chiropractic to treat various spinal health problems. The issue folks have with ML is the ridiculous treatment plans that are trotted out for patients. Setting someone up for a predetermined number (usually the magic number for ML business plan is 80) is, IMO, preposterous. No one can determine ahead of time that you will need that much care. Chiropractic is a great profession and DC’s can give relief to pain where MD’s, physio’s and OTC meds often fail. But it is concerning to me that a small group of DC’s are helping to diminish our profession in the eyes of the public for reasons of greed. One of the great Pioneers in our profession, Dr. Fred Barge once said “Don’t try and get rich off of your patients. If you want to get rich, Invest your money wisely in the stock market or other means “

  25. Hello All
    I agree everyone is entitle to their opinion. My entire family goes to an ML practice. We all love the Dr’s care. I have had sinus issues for years and had to spray saline solution up my nose daily. Also had this constant clearing my throat. I know longer use the spray and the clearing my throat has stopped completely. Also, I had lower back pain that after sitting I would have to stand awhile before walking because I was in pain. After my very first adjustment I went to get out of the car to pump gas and could not believe the pain was gone. I am 63 years old and act like I am 40 now. I am only regretful that I did not have this when I was younger. I also, now have better posture and am sleeping through the night for the first time in years. I would never call that a scam/cult. Our Dr’s at ML truly care about us as individuals we are like family. They have me for life as a patient.

    To Your Great Health
    Sharon Herman in PA

  26. My Maximized Living doctor only recommends what she and her family does for themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. I feel like that is the definition of congruency. Her family gets regular, preventative, chiropractic adjustments – and that is what she recommends to anyone that she meets. Makes sense to me, right? She also recommends we eat their “core” or “advanced” nutrition plans – the simplest nutrition plans I’ve come across. Again, makes sense to me that if she and her family follows it, that it is only congruent that she recommends it to everyone she meets. Not sure I see the problem here. We love our Maximized Living experience, and plan to go for as long as we want to be healthy.

  27. I went to a Maximized Living chiro for a few visits. I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and have a very good medical background. I was pulled in at first by all of the promises, good health, weight loss etc. Each visit I was given the same manipulation and watched in the door-less room as every patient received the same treatment, how can we all have the same problem? When I saw him manipulate a toddler I was appalled. I have Type 1 diabetes and am on an insulin pump. The Dr. kept saying it won’t take long for me to come off of my insulin. No matter how well I am or would become, I will NEVER be able to come off of my insulin, my pancreas does not work and never will. I had to tell him such and he was extremely put off. The final straw was seeing that he was billing my insurance when I had opted to pay out of pocket since it was cheaper that way. I called and threatened to report them if they did not pay my insurance back and then notified my insurance company. I honestly don’t know how they resolved the issue but it got me out of my “binding” contract. Unfortunately that practice is still open. The majority of his clients were from his church and faith was a strong push. I was not offended by it but perhaps a medical office is not the place for this.

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