[Insert monosyllabic mildly-cynical laugh here]

Before I wade too much further into this pool (ocean?) I should probably throw this out there…

DCs don’t typically become DCs without possessing a thick(er-than-most) skin.  This is an unfortunate necessity, but I think it ultimately benefits us.  Part of our unique acquired skillset includes the ability to let roll off practically any hair-brained comment from pretty much anyone…including our own brethren.

Hopefully, that includes my hair-brained comments as well.  Of course, they’re not hair-brained to me, but they may sound that way to you, which is perfectly fine.  Most of us figure out pretty quickly that the field of chiropractic is not known for its unity or group solidarity.  (In fact, I think some of us argue simply for the sake of arguing.)

In short, I am probably going to irritate you or get your blood pumping at one point or another. That’s not my intent, although I’m not going to issue a preemptive apology for anything I say, as I stand behind it 100% (at least at that point in time – I leave myself open for change).

I have a lot of beliefs that are relatively unconventional for most DCs.  I don’t do much adjusting at all [ducks to avoid stones].  I get adjusted (very well, in fact!) but I don’t believe in getting adjusted daily or “just because”.  I don’t believe in long-term treatment plans unless there’s a condition that logically calls for them.  I don’t believe in a lot of the tech toys and philosophical dogma sold to chiropractic doctors, both during school and beyond.  I’m NOT “On Purpose”.  I don’t do spinal screenings.  And I don’t do chicken dinners [*shudder*].

Instead, I run lab work.  I spend all day looking at things like hormones and blood sugar.  I examine for cortical hemisphericity and mesencephalic or limbic escape.  I “prescribe” nutraceuticals.  I dabble in a little cold laser therapy and I’m slowly re-learning AK.  The fact that I don’t diagnose and treat nonmusculoskeletal conditions, for all practical purposes, probably hangs in nothing more than pure vocabulary technicality.  I’m a mixer to the max, and if BJ were St. Peter, he would already have put me on the guest list for a special spot in chiropractic hell.

That said, please understand that just because we may not agree with each other, that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect your opinion or that you shouldn’t respect mine.  In the end, we all have the same basic letters after our name, and we all chose to put ourselves through the Insanity we call Chiropractic School and become Doctors in our field.  We all (hopefully) have the same mission: to do what’s right for our patients.  So please don’t start tacking “Wanted” signs with excerpts from this blog to every telephone pole, calling for my head…oh wait…please DO tack excerpts of this blog to every telephone pole – I could really use the publicity in case I ever decide to supplement my income with this blog *laughs* – just stop short of calling for my head, OK?  🙂

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